Change Your Relationship with Your Body, From the Inside Out 


At the Iren Spa Fitness Center, we are here to help you make meaningful and lasting changes that will empower and enliven you. No matter your fitness level, no matter your obstacles, we are committed to getting you on track to your healthiest, happiest self. 


In addition to a custom fitness program, we will provide you with the guidance and tools to make lifestyle changes that support your health and fitness goals. This is more than just weight loss or getting into better shape; this is about recapturing your vitality and bringing your life into balance – mind, body, spirit – whatever that means to you. 

Mind   Body   Heart   Soul 


As part of our unique health and fitness approach, we go beyond physical training and incorporate the mindset, growth, and life balance tools you need to cultivate wellness and vitality inside and out. This includes:


  • Goal & Intention Setting

  • Body Positivity & Empowerment

  • Moral Support 

  • Mindset Shifts & Self-Care

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Meditation & Relaxation

There's Something for Everyone at Iren Spa

Our fitness classes combine circuit training, core strength, cardio, resistance band training, and moderate weight training for overall strength and toning. They are an ideal fit for anyone looking to lose weight, increase strength, or simply improve their physique and fitness level. Class intensity can be customized for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. 


Our overall wellness perspective provides you with the tools you need to achieve your goals - and reveal your healthiest, happiest self! Iren Spa offers a range of unique add-ons and benefits for members to choose from, such as:

  • Body Slimming Wraps

  • Special Nautilus Showers

  • Hydro-Massage Beds

  • Himalayan Salt Rooms

Take a look at our Aesthetic & Beauty services to learn more!

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